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KODAK VISION3 Films continue to raise the bar with the newest member of the platform — KODAK VISION3 250D Color Negative Film. We’ve incorporated the remarkable performance of KODAK VISION3 500T Color Negative Film in a medium-speed, daylight-balanced emulsion — providing filmmakers a tool to add to their creative palettes. Thanks to KODAK VISION3 Film technology, VISION3 250D Film offers outstanding performance in the extremes of exposure — including increased highlight latitude, so you can move faster on the set and pull more detail out of the highlights in post. You’ll also see reduced grain in shadows, so you can push the boundaries of underexposure and still get outstanding results. What’s more, VISION3 250D Film works seamlessly in digital post, so you can employ a workflow that combines the best of both worlds for exceptional efficiency and image quality. Combine all that with film’s amazing resolution and proven, long-term archival capabilities and you’ve got a state-of-the-art image capture medium that others can only aspire to. Why try to emulate film when you can have the real thing? Film. No Compromise.

Experience Kodak Vision3 250D for yourself by clicking on this link:

Kodak Vision3 250D Color Negative Film - 16mm 100 ft. roll

Please allow two weeks for delivery.
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