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Every year in June, our company conducts an annual inventory during which we assess which film products are in demand and those that are losing popularity.  Unfortunately, due to the harsh economic environment affecting businesses in the U.S. nationwide we are forced to make changes to our catalog to meet these ever changing demands to the marketplace. 

Below you will find the products that we have decided to discontinue (along with the dates they become effective).  In some cases, we will replace these discontinued products with another of equal and higher quality.

As per our company tradition and commitment to the film industry, if for any reason you cannot find the exact product you need, please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate your request and place a 'Special Order' for you if the item can still be obtained.


1/1/20 - Kodak Branded Presstapes (16mm, Super 8mm and Regular 8mm) - Kodak has ceased making this product and remaining Kodak inventory has been exhausted.  There is now a generic version of this product that Film Forever will carry that can be ordered separately on our website for all 3 film formats.

1/1/22 - 16mm 2300 ft. TayloReel Plastic Reel - The manufacturer has ceased making this product.  It is no longer available.

6/19/23 - 16mm TayloReel Motion Picture Cans in all sizes will no longer be carried by Film Forever MPE.  Our remaining stock of TayloReel 600ft Plastic Cans will still be available until our current inventory is exhausted.  16mm Tuscan Archival Cans have replaced this category. Sizes currently available are: 400ft, 800ft. 1200ft, 1600ft and 2000/2300ft.

6/19/23 - 16mm TayloReel 600ft Reel - We no longer carry this size reel in our inventory.

6/19/23 - Polaroid Instant Film will no longer be carried by Film Forever MPE, however this film is still being manufactured and available through other photo outlets.

7/1/23 - Tiffen Brand Lens Cleaner will be replaced with Film Forever's New Branded Version which is still manufactured by Tiffen but provided in our new packaging at a lower cost.

4/17/24 - Kodak Regular 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm Film Leader will no longer be offered in 1000ft. rolls.  Kodak leader is still readily available in the 50ft roll for Regular 8/Super 8 and the 100ft roll for 16mm.


5/1/24 - TayloReel Dual 8mm 400ft Reel and Can is now available as a set and sold at a lower price rather than purchasing each of these items separately. 


5/10/24 - Film Forever Hold-Down Tape in the 1/2" width has been discontinued.  The 1/4" width is still being manufactured and can be used for 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film formats.


5/25/24 - Repair Services.  Our repair division is currently backlogged with repairs.  Effective 5/25/24, Film Forever MPE will not be accepting any new repair requests at this time. Please contact us for further updates.  

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