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This product can only be shipped inside the U.S.  No international shipments due to postal restrictions. Approved and recommended by Kodak's Motion Picture Archive Division, the Molecular Sieve Acid Scavenger  is a small white packet that you place inside a film box or can.  The Molecular Sieve absorbs both humidity moisture and off-gassing from the film itself.  This preserves your precious film from damage and deterioration and also helps retard and prevent Vinegar Syndrome.     For 16mm use 1 packet for up to 800 ft., 2 packets for up to 1600ft., 3 packets for up to 2400 ft. reels.  Replace every two years for maximum results.  Buy as little or as many as you want.  You receive  six (6) molecular sieve packets (Can in photograph above is not included).    For more technical information see Kodak's write-up below.  KODAK TECHNICAL INFORMATION : Molecular Sieve Acid Scavenger from Kodak for Moisture Free Film Storage and Extended Dye Images Long-term storage of film has been an industry concern since the beginning of motion pictures. Moisture, temperature, acids and vapors from the atmosphere that surround stored film have an impact on the life expectancy of motion picture film. "Vinegar Syndrome", is a term used to describe the chemical reaction that goes on during the deterioration of cellulose triacetate film support. When cellulose triacetate begins to decompose, "deacetylation" occurs and the acetate ion reacts with moisture to form acetic acid producing a vinegar odor when a can is opened. Once the reaction is started, it cannot be stopped. Molecular Sieve is a promising new technology developed by Eastman Kodak Company, that has the ability to retard the vinegar syndrome reaction. Simply stated, the inclusion of Molecular Sieve with processed motion picture film in a sealed container has the ability to extend the life of the dye images and film support beyond that which is currently considered normal.

Kodak Molecular Sieves - Film Archive Preservative (Six Packets)

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