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Stop using inferior tape that never sticks or sticks too well leaving gooey adhesive everywhere ruining your film and the inside of your projector.  Our ‘Brand New’ Film Forever Hold-Down Tape fastens the end of your film to keep the film intact during storage. Otherwise your film could loosen and warpage can occur. To make a good hold down tape, there’s a delicate balance between too much adhesion and not enough adhesion. This specially made polyester based Hold-Down Tape is designed not to goo or leave residue on your film. The best Hold Down Tape on the market and worth every penny.  Perfect 1/4” width for 8mm and Super 8mm films.  Made in USA.

Film Forever Hold-Down Tape for 8mm and Super 8mm Film (215 ft. 1/4"W Roll)

Please allow two weeks for delivery.
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