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Here is the answer to every film buff's dream.  A reel, can and adapter set made by Goldberg Brothers, manufacturer of the finest movie reels in the industry.  

This item does it all.  You not only get a beautiful, interlocking film can, but also a precision made 400 ft. 7 inch sturdy plastic reel that comes with a spindle adapter to use for either Super 8 or Regular 8.  But that's not all, because on the can's flip side you have a convenient guide complete with registration pins and a groove to cut the film with a razor blade for both formats, making it a handy, temporary tape splicing block to make quick repairs.
A beautifully made product and 100% completely made in the USA!

Goldberg 400 ft. Dual 8mm Plastic Reel, Can, Splicing Set (NEW PRODUCT!)

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