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Eumig, maker of the finest 8mm movie projectors in the world presents the Classic Mark S 810D LUX Dual 8mm High Quality Sound Projector featuring fuller, richer sound.  Greater transparency of reproduction.  An extended frequency range even at the slower 18 frames per second speed.  Increased power output:  10 watts continuous (rms sine-wave) power, 15 watts music power, enough to blanket even an auditorium.  Level fluctuations reduced to one-half the usual value.  Flutter and wow reduced to less than 0.4%.  Novel automatic level control featuring AGFC (automatic gain and frequency-response control) does away with the need for manual input-level adjustment and provides constantly balanced sound regardless of microphone distance and sound-source output. Features include : Super Fast f/1.2 15-30mm Eumig Vario-Eupronet Zoom lens for a brighter picture, fine focusing 12-volt, 100-watt dichronic-reflector tungsten-halogen lamp, pre-heated Auto-threading, forward and reverse projection, forward and reverse without lamp. Projection speeds:  18 to 24 fps. Supplied with : Power cord (mains lead) Projection lamp 400-ft takeup reel Microphone Copy of Original Owners Manual Backed by a 30-Day Film Forever Warranty for zero worries.  Projector is in Mint Condition with only slight cosmetic warpage of the function faceplate (unit is discounted for this) .  Available for delivery to U.S. destinations  only.

Eumig Mark-S 810D Lux - Dual 8mm Magnetic Sound Movie Projector (Restored)

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