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Totally restored and in MINT condition, the Eumig 820 SonoMatic Super 8mm Sound Projector boasts the following features:


  • High Quality Sound that delivers a fuller, richer sound with greater transparency of reproduction even at the slower 18 frames per second speed. 
  • 600' Reel Capacity
  • Magnetic Playback on Main Sound Track
  • 100W 12V EFP Lamp
  • Eumig Suprogon f1.3 / F: 15-30mm Zoom Lens
  • Projection Speeds:  18 and 24 fps
  • 15W Transistorized Amplifier 
  • 10W Built-In Speaker
  • Microphone, Auxiliary Input Terminals
  • External Speaker (4-6 Ohm) and Line-Out Terminals
  • Magnetic Recording on Main Track, Fading Sound and Sound -on-Sound feature
  • Volume and Tone Controls
  • Film Counter
  • Automatic Threading
  • Forward and Reverse Projection


Projector comes complete with the Eumig 400ft.Take-Up Reel, Microphone, Power Cord and the Original Manual. Backed by Film Forever MPE's 30-Day Warranty for zero worries. Available for delivery to U.S. destinations only.


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Eumig 820 SonoMatic Super 8mm Sound Projector

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