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Do you have an ELMO 1200 HD Series Super 8mm Sound Projector that is scratching your precious film?  Well if you have checked and re-checked your entire film path and you can find nothing're not alone.  Many film collectors say the possibility could be the lower film guide that precedes the lower sprocket wheel.  This part, through the years begins to wear and the surface starts suffering from microscopic abrasions that scratches your precious film.  For decades, this part has been out of manufacture.  No More!  Now you can buy a replacement guide for your precious ELMO.  Get yours now and restore your ELMO!  Show above in both front and rear view.  Please Note :  This guide only fits the Elmo ST-1200 HD and not the Elmo ST-1200 D projector.

ELMO ST-1200 HD Series - Lower Film Guide Replacement (Limited Availability)

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