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Here's a beautiful 20th Century Fox Studio Print of the film classic 'Dimples' starring Shirley Temple and Frank Morgan (from The Wizard Of Oz).  Fully complete in excellent condition mounted on the original 20th Century Fox reels.  A really hard print to obtain.
Reduced sale price for a limited time only!

Dimples (Shirley Temple) is a busker - a street entertainer, and lives in mid-19th century New York City's Bowery with her kindhearted but pickpocketing Grandfather, Prof. Eustace Appleby (Frank Morgan). Dimples is a talented child and is hired to perform at a party in the home of Mrs. Caroline Drew, an elderly widow living in Washington Square. Dimples delights the gathering and charms not only the elderly mistress of the house but her nephew Allen as well, a theatrical producer betrothed to a lovely society belle. Allen engages Dimples to perform the role of Little Eva in his production of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" while Mrs. Drew makes it possible for Dimples to remain in her genteel home and enjoy its benefits. Various complications ensue and Dimples bravely makes the decision to sacrifice her happiness to return to her slum dwelling Grandfather. Mrs. Drew traces Dimples's whereabouts and convinces Prof. Appleby that his lovely granddaughter deserves something better than a life of poverty and crime in the Bowery. The situation is resolved to everyone's satisfaction and the film ends with Dimples performing in New York City's first minstrel show.

Dimples starring Shirley Temple and Frank Morgan (16mm Fox Feature Print)

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