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Need a great little film projector to view those precious family movies?  Incredibly gentle on film, we feel the Bolex 18-3 Duo is one of the easiest, most reliable models on the market.  This Bolex projector is for both Regular 8mm and Super 8mm silent films and lets you project at 18 fps plus four additional slow motion speeds, 12, 9, 6, and even 3 fps without flicker, and with practically no loss of brightness.   Changing from one speed to another is done by simply turning a selector knob before or during projection, in either forward or reverse.   Switch to still projection and freeze the action, or add sound to your films, since the Bolex 18-3 DUO permits to start and stop a cassette tape recorder by coupling it to the projector with an accessory cable.

The Bolex 18-3 DUO projects extremely bright with its powerful 12V/100W lamp, and a fast f/1.3 Bolex Hi-Fi 15 to 30mm zoom lens.  Change from Super 8mm to Regular 8mm by simply moving a selector lever. Threading the projector and the film take-up on the reel are completely automatic. And you can connect a tape recorder to the projector, and setting the main switch to a special position will start the tape recorder at exactly the desired moment. The synchronization is sufficiently accurate with just a synchronization mark on the film and a synchronization mark on the tape. The Bolex 18-3 DUO is not only easy to operate, but built sturdily to withstand rough treatment.  If you like to see your old 8mm movies as well as your newer Super 8mm films bright on the screen, in forward or reverse, in slow motion with maybe sound added and all in a well-designed and rugged package, then the Bolex 18-3 is your answer.

This is a used projector but has been restored to factory specifications. In excellent 'Like New' condition, comes complete with a copy of the Original Bolex Manual, Power Cord and a 400ft Tuscan Auto thread Take-Up Reel.  Backed by a 30-day Film Forever Warranty for zero worries.  Available for delivery to U.S. destinations  only.  


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