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It's a fact that 8mm Auto-Thread Projectors are notorious for jamming and damaging your film.  In addition to always adding Kodak Film Leader (sold separately) to the head of your film you should also trim the end of the leader you insert in your projector to ensure smoother threading and minimal jamming.  Well worth the investment, this item is RARE, and we have only a limited supply available at this time.  


If you have lost your film trimmer accessory that was included with your projector when it was purchased, we highly recommend you order your Film Forever Film Trimmer now.  A vital accessory especially for both the Eumig (700 and 800 Series) and Bolex Sound Movie Projectors. Our model trims both Regular 8mm and Super 8mm film.




8mm Film Edge Trimmer for Eumig, Bolex and Other Auto-Thread Projectors

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