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Fall in love with film all over again.  KODAK's PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 400 Film, is the sharpest 400-speed black-and-white film in the world, in addition to being the finest-grained....this film has a look that digital will never be able to replicate.  Unmistakably sharp, beautiful with contrast and shades of grey that only film can reproduce.

KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 400 Film  is a continuous-tone panchromatic black-and-white negative film especially useful for photographing dimly lighted subjects or fast action, for extending flash distance range, and for photographing subjects that require good depth of field and fast shutter speeds with maximum image quality for the film speed. It is also useful for scientific and biomedical work, especially when fluorescence photography is required. It has high speed (ISO 400/27° in most developers), very high sharpness, very fine grain, and very high resolving power; it allows a high degree of enlargement.

Kodak T-Max 400 35mm Professional Black & White Negative Film (36 exposure)

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