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(Manufactured by Tiffen - Rebottled by Film Forever MPE) Introducing an exceptional lens cleaning solution at a more competitive price.  Used in combination with Tiffen Lens Cleaning Paper (sold separately), Film Forever's Lens Cleaner (manufactured for us by Tiffen) provides quick, safe removal of foreign matter from surfaces of all optical glass. No smear.  No residue.  For all photographic lenses, binoculars, eye glasses, microscopes, mirrors, etc.  Convenient 1.25 oz. size (bottled in our own packaging at our facility) fits in any camera bag, briefcase, purse or pocket.  This is the same Tiffen Product (normally priced at $8.00) but offered at a lower price. Our bottle comes with a fold-up spout just like the Tiffen bottle that dispenses Lens Cleaner by the drop.

Film Forever MPE Lens Cleaning Solution

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