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Updated: 5 days ago

Scene One: Commitment by Captain Reel

It's a fact that nothing can replace the look, color, tonality, clarity and detail only Film can deliver. Even with the switch to digital over the years, both photographers and studios find themselves having to render their footage electronically after shooting to imitate the look, color saturation and film grain that was once easily captured by just using the film medium. This is why 12 years ago, Film Forever MPE was formed. As a company they began with a personal commitment to fill the void created by the disappearance of Photo Stores, Labs and even those searching for Equipment Repair facilities for both projectors and cameras. It's to these Film Professionals, Students and Home Movie Enthusiasts who continue to create their projects using film that they dedicate their company and services to.

As a film enthusiast, there is no longer a reason to feel frustrated about obtaining what you need. Film Forever MPE is there to support you...whether you're a Professional, Student or Amateur...they are as close as your computer or phone. Their shipping department works 7 days a week to process your order and anything they are temporarily out of can usually be obtained by them within 5 business days.

Looking for something they don't carry? Don't give up! Contact them directly at: and they will do their best to find it for you.

And be sure to look for future installments of my blog as I discuss and explore the history of film, its formats (from conception to now) along with Cinephile Reviews of both the classics along with recent releases from the creative filmmakers of today.

And yes, another Blog sequel is COMING SOON!

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